Compounding for Wound Care

Pharmacy Compounding for Wound Care

Pharmacy Compounding for Wound Care

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Sometimes, you suffer an injury and find that the resulting wound just won’t heal as fast as you’d like it to. With time, the wound may seem to get worse or even to become infected, requiring further medical attention. Prolonged healing time increases the chance that a wound will become infected. Pressure sores and burn wounds can also undergo constant tissue disruption that results from irrigation, cleaning and other treatment.

Dr. Aziz is in Indianapolis, Indiana, here to provide you with compounding for wound care to help you get better sooner. Our compounding pharmacy provides exacting dosages in the form of ointments, creams, powders, gels, topical sprays and pastes to assist in wound care and healing.

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Commercial wound care solutions may not be enough to help your wound heal, as they aren’t tailored to your unique circumstances. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy is just the place to obtain the tools for treating your wound successfully. Compounded medications are made to custom strengths with a variety of ingredients to suit particular patient needs. These medications can have many unique functions as a result, from antifungal and antibiotic properties to enzymes that help with debridement and anaesthetics to reduce pain and discomfort. Your wound can be treated with these custom compounds to help it heal faster and more completely than it might using over-the-counter means.

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