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Custom Compounding for Everyone in your Family

Custom Compounding
for Everyone in your Family

Looking for a custom drug alteration to meet your specific needs? You’ve come to the right place. The expert pharmacists at Dr. Aziz will compound prescriptions to create your custom drug that fit your unique requirements.

Whether it’s because of an allergy to an ingredient in a drug, altering the medication from pill to liquid form for easier intake or obtaining exact drug doses, our trained professionals can modify your prescription in a variety of ways. In fact, we have a state-of-the-art compounding lab on-site at Dr. Aziz, so stop in today!


Benefits of Compounding: 

Pharmacy compounding can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. For instance, compounding can help those that don’t respond to the traditional forms of treatment, or they simply need their medication in a different form. Compounding can help meet your specific needs by providing person-centered solutions for common problems such as allergies or discontinued medications.

Compounding can make medication more accessible for yourself or a loved one for allergies including:



Dyes & More!

Other benefits to pharmacy compounding include making medications easier to use. With compounding, pharmacists can do things like add flavor to the medications without impacting the effectiveness. This can greatly benefit those who may refuse medications such as children or the elderly. 

Visit us at Dr. Aziz today to explore all the options available to you with pharmacy compounding!

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Additional Prescription Compounding Solutions

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  • Palliative Care
  • Dermatology

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  • Pediatrics
  • Podiatry
  • and more

To learn more about prescription compounding from Dr. Aziz or for specific questions, stop into our pharmacy or call us at (317) 842-5771 today.